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This support will assist you in building the skills you need to understand and use your plan.


A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports is used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently, and be included in your community.


This is a higher level of support coordination.


It is for people whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support.

A specialist Support Coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in your support environment and ensuring consistent delivery of service.


The Psychosocial Recovery Coaches role is to support participants with psychosocial disabilities to live a full and contributing life.  Recovery coaches will support participants to take more control of their lives and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living. 


Recovery coaches will work collaboratively with participants, their families, carers, and other services to design, plan and implement a recovery plan, and assist with the coordination of NDIS and other supports. 

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